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  Thirteen factoids about (you guessed it!) Simon Puttock

If he didn't live in Scotland, he should like to live on another planet - or underwater.

He really doesn't like baked beans unless they have cheese and 'yeast extract' melted into them, and then he fairly guzzles them down.

It is probable that the reason he really, really likes cacti is that they look like they might be visiting from another planet.


He would rather swim a mile than run to the end of the block.



He had a beanbag frog when he was small. He called it King Suey. He doesn't know why.

When he takes photographs, he prefers to take little bits of things close up, so that you can't always tell what they are.

He can be extremely clumsy, but almost never falls over.

It took him years and years to work out which ear he is a bit deaf in.

His handwriting is so bad that even he cannot always read what it says.

He likes really bad jokes, and it is extremely rare, although also unsurprising, that anyone laughs when he tells one.

The last time he moved house, the boxes of books outnumbered everything else put together - and there was a lot of everything else!

Simon is extremely good at getting lost. In fact, he seldom has a clue where he is.

Simon is approximately half an inch shorter than he thinks he is.