also available for library visits, festival appearances

and the launching of ocean going liners...

Working in schools

Simon enjoys working within a broad age range, generally P1 to P5 (in England and Wales, that equates to Reception to Year 5), and author sessions can never be just readings, or just about him. He thrives on questions, and for some reason often has two answers to any one question - which is surely a bargain. Whilst he does talk about books, reading, writing and illustration, other subjects have been known to crop up: proportional maths in relation to left handedness being just one of many unpredictable possibilities…

He is also available for residencies and workshops, working with children from P1 upwards, and adults. Workshops can be structured towards specific story writing aims, or more freeform, using word and story games to explore the sheer fun of language and inventive possibility: anagrams, spoonerisms, palindromes and made up words can spark story ideas by their very oddness and need for explication; a game of 'consequences' can produce wonderfully tortured logics!

If you would like Simon to come and visit your school/library/festival, you can contact him at His fee is £175 per session (in keeping with Scottish Book Trust's and the Society' of Author's recommendation of the minimum author engagement fee), plus travel expenses and accommodation where necessary.

Click HERE to view some very fine follow on work by Burnside Primary School in Carnoustie.

Festivals so far:

Simon has appeared the Cheltenham Book Festival and The Northern Children's Book Festival in the dim and distant past.

More recently he has appeared at Glasgow's West End Festival (twice!), the Islay Book Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Shetland's festival, Wordplay.

He sort-of appeared at the Inverness Book Festival.

He will next be seen appearing in public at the Wigtown Spring Book Weekend.

(He is always delighted when he is asked to visit schools and libraries - children's writers seldom meet their audience otherwise.)