... being extra stuff about Mr Simon Puttock:


Over the years Simon Puttock has written (and sometimes even performed) an awful lot of music. Some of it is, indeed, awful. Some of it is 'interesting'. And some of it is really quite listenable.

Update 2017: he's getting really quite good at it now, and no, it's not only him that says so, so there! 



the very first music he ever heard was played on a radiogramme - but alas, not this sleek and compact bit of designer kit - photograph © Gordon Littlejohn



Simon Puttock is a trained silversmith but has nowhere to practise his craft. He misses hammering small things with big mallets, using fiercely hot blow torches on delicate little objects, as well as the general fiddliness of it all.



various rings in silver, some set with semiprecious stones, and one laid with gold



Simon Puttock makes no claims to be an artist. But he will still insist on making these things he says are called 'pictures'. Sometimes with words attached. And trying to get people to look at them.



the little dog regards the moon with mounting suspicion...




Simon Puttock used to hang around campus a couple of times a year, trying to explain intertextuality to unsuspecting students, and to get them to read more picture books.



(not precisely, but denoting) the scene of his later educational endeavours


Some Things Simon Puttock Likes


Cacti; asymmetric (but not so much isometric) geometries; accumulating stuff; swimming (and bodies of water); mountains; autumn then winter; some cats.


 cacti? what a surprise!


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